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At Stracham Enterprises, we pride ourselves in helping every family to build a home that perfectly fits their needs. Servicing Northeastern Pennsylvania since 1987, we want to make our hometown, your hometown. Stanley Stracham started Stracham Enterprises in 1987 in Scott Township and has been building new homes ever since. Stan prides himself on being on every job site and taking an active part in the construction process. He's not sitting behind a desk shuffling papers, he's on site insuring his high standards of quality are being met. Stracham Enterprises has become a successful home building business because of the bonds and relationships Stanley has created with his clients over the years. He strives to stay in constant contact with the clients during and after the construction process for the highest satisfaction.



Not only does Stan build his homes in Northeastern, Pennsylvania but he lives here as well. He is active in the community in which he builds. One thing that Stan puts above all else, professionally, is his reputation. He has spent decades building a strong and solid reputation. He does not take short-cuts, by using inferior products or skimping out in any manner whatsoever when building your home.



Not all builders are the same.  Stan does not use "builder grade" material on his homes. That is why his homes stand the test of time and have lower maintenance costs over time. Craftsmanship starts from when the foundation gets started to the final nail is driven in. During that entire process, Stan will be on the job making sure the workmanship is up to his stringent standards. Be assured that no corner will be cut or cheap product used.

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Giving Back

A picture of Stan with Ken Kurtz, the project manager for a Homes For Our Troops project near the Lakeland High School.  Stan was proud to donate the excavating for such a great project. 


Building for the Future

Stan has been building homes in Northeastern Pennsylvania for over 3 decades. Being a home builder is what Stan has done his entire professional career and that is why his homes hold up over time and increase in value.


Building with Family

Stan with his children--Nathanael, Cassie and Tyler “Team Stracham”  working together on a landscaping project where they recently completed an addition.


I grew up in a beautiful turn-of-the-twentieth century home with a wrap-around porch, overlooking Crystal Lake, PA.  Sadly, the house was knocked down because of a fire from old wiring.  As I set to rebuild the house, I knew exactly what I wanted – a home that looked exactly like the original one.  I needed a builder that could rebuild my early craftsman house true to the character of a house from the early 1900’s and who would be meticulous enough to appreciate all of the beautiful detail and  workmanship from a hundred years ago.   Stan built my dream house, recreating my childhood home, in its original beauty, but with all the conveniences of a house built at the turn-of-the-twenty-first century.  I always smile when visitors admiringly comment that the house looks like it’s stood there forever.      

Deborah Zajkowski

 Crystal Lake, PA



To Whom It May Concern:    

     I have worked with Stan for over 20 – years on many beautiful and complex projects. He has never failed to produce high quality work. I find Stan to be the most conscientious builders I work with.   


Thomas Campbell Campbell's Residential Design


My family and I have been living in our newly constructed home for about four years. Prior to that, we rented for ten years. I can honestly say we now live in our dream home!   The attention paid to the quality of materials was obvious to me during construction. I’ve watched friends’ homes being built by other builders and the difference is plain to see. From the foundation to the framing, Mr. Stracham demands perfection even though you don’t see these items once the walls are painted. Stanley Stracham’s integrity, ethics, and quality of workmanship made building our dream home a joy.      Yours Truly,   The Anzelmi’s


Building a home is no easy feet but when you build with Stracham Enterprises it is by far one of the easiest milestone to cross. I have told Stanley this story; when my husband and I were getting ready to build he hands down said we are going with Stanley Stracham, of course being a female I wanted options and plans B and C. I wanted quotes and I wanted to weigh the pros and the cons. My husband never argued or created conflict, only when he felt it in his heart and bones it was something he wanted he got it. So many arguments and I'd say one of the only things we actually argued about was who we were building with. Now it was for no reason as to why I did not want Stanley its just like I said above I wanted to know my options, I wanted to know what else was out there. Well we started building in April of 2016 and just four very short months later at the end of August I was moved in,.I say I because unfortunately in early August my husband passed away due injuries he sustained while at work one morning. They say building a home, raising children and finances really test a marriage. It makes or breaks it. In the four months building our home with Stracham Enterprises it did the opposite of testing our marriage. It strengthened it more than we could have ever imagined and because of Stracham Enterprises we were not just another home they were building we were family. Stracham Enterprises literally puts their blood, sweat, tears and heart into the entire process even after the home is built. They stand by their product and their customers to ensure they live happily ever after for years to come.


 We hired Stracham Enterprises to build our new home and had the best experience. I cannot say enough good things about this company but here are a few: Quality beyond compare, attention to every detail, honest, dedicated, extremely hardworking and we loved all his employees and subs! They worked long days and most Saturdays until the job was COMPLETE!. We already hired him for our next project. 


Stracham Enterprises recently completed a major renovation of our home. The project involved new roofs, windows, and doors and installation of a high efficiency gas furnace.   It also included a build-out of a new 520 square foot great room with a vaulted ceiling and stone fireplace along with the addition of a spacious front porch. As a final touch, Stan and his crew built new sidewalks, a stone patio and extensively landscaped our front yard. When the job was finished the addition and the older section of our home blended perfectly. To say we were pleased with the result is putting it mildly. From the initial planning, through numerous revisions as we rethought aspects of the project, until the last shrub was planted, Stan was patient, flexible, and fair. Every workman he brought to our home was courteous and highly skilled. The overall quality of the work was superb in every way and reasonably priced. There were no "surprises". Anyone considering a renovation or new home would do well to choose Stracham Enterprises. We give them our highest recommendation.    

  Tom and Patty Brown  

 Scott Twp. PA